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Instead of treating the skin for the problems it has, how about we take a minute and think of a better way. Instead of treating the symptoms how about treating the cause.


Our skin is made of cells. Those cells are covered by billions of bacteria and fungi. There is a symbiotic relationship between this flora and skin appearance. Smoking, pollution, fast food they all change the flora of our skin and as a result , skin changes . Wrinkles, acne can take over and generally skin looks dull.


We have at least one thousand different bacteria’s living in this symbiotic relationship but there is one very important: Staphylococcus epidermidis.


In healthy people there is a balance of those microbes and C. acnes (responsible for acne) and S.Aureus (opportunistic pathogen) both are present but in low levels.


Our first active is a cereal (Golden millet or Panicum miliaceum) that was fermented using community of specially selected lactic acid bacteria. The result has many molecules to note a few, malic acid, lactic acid and bioavailable magnesium and calcium.


After application It was found that the growth of Staphylococcus epidermidis, was stimulated. This germ is crucial for a healthy skin flora by limiting or even preventing the growth of undesirable microbiota, such as S. aureus, a potential trigger of atopic dermatitis.


Our second active is Polyglutamic acid. This molecule is a better humectant (binds water) that hyaluronic acid. In fact, it can bind water 4x more that HA.


Second Polyglutamic acid is made by fermenting beans. In Japanese cuisine there is a super food called Natto that is full of polyglutamic acid. You can see the PGA on the strands.


Our fermented moisturizer includes 2 ingredients that are designed to moisturize and help the delicate flora on your skin for a wholistic approach where nature is fallowed rather than fought. Very gentle, suitable to all skins, multiple times a day, as needed.


Mother nature knows best.


After using any humectant (water based) is it best to apply a facial oil to lock in moisture.

Daily Hydration 3% Postbiotic (Better than HA)

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