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What is it?


PHA or poly hydroxy (fruit) acid are chemical exfoliants and are considered second-generation AHAs.


Why are they better?


Their difference lies within their molecular structure. The molecules of PHAs are bigger and therefore cannot penetrate as deeply as AHAs and BHAs; they work exclusively on the surface, without disturbing the deeper delicate layers. They offer less irritation than their AHA and BHA counterparts. An additional benefit of PHA is that skin does not become more photo-sensitive, or susceptible to damaging UV rays. At last , PHA will hydrate the skin.


What does it do?


They exfoliate by breaking up the bonds that glue the superficial layer of dead skin making the skin brighter and radiant. Visible results in 1-2 applications.


How to use?


Up to 3 times a week. Apply 2-4 drops to the face and neck area and massage gently (your skin might need slightly less/more). Do not layer for at least 15 min (so the PH does not change and acid can do its job). After waiting you can use a moisturiser or not (dont forget PHA is a humectant) or a oil to seal in moisture.


Ingredients (INCI) : Aqua Gluconolactone (cosmos certified ingredient , PHA), 10% Betaine (Beet extract , humectant and skin soothing ) Acetyl Glucosamine (skin identical ingredient , some exfoliation , Hyaluronic acid building block) 2% Arginine (skin identical ingredient , amino acid , skin repair) Sodium benzoate (cosmos certified preservative , used 50% less than manufacturer suggested level ) Accacia Senegal gum (gelling agent , 100% natural) Sodium Hydroxide (PH adjuster , very low level) Xanthan gum (gelling agent) Potasium Sorbat (cosmos certified preservative , ultra low level).

PHA 10% Super Exfoliant Face Peel (Better than AHA)

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